Jeff Clulow

Tales of Mystery, Magic and Myth


'If dystopia or horror is your bag, you will love this book. 'Rats' Alley' is one of the best short stories I ever read.'

  • Mark Folse on the horror novella 'Rats Alley' in 'From The Waste Land' - March 2023

'Rat’s Alley by Jeff Clulow - a powerful ghostly tale I really enjoyed of a WW1 survivor trying to find a new life carrying the past with him. A tale of lost love, passion and deep down bargaining with the dark which will carry a high price. A powerful strange compelling tale.'

  • Matt Cavanagh - Runalong the Shelves - Dec 2022

'The pathos and pointlessness of war, so evident in Russia’s war in Ukraine as it was those many years ago since 1914, resonate in Jeff Clulow’s ‘Rats Alley’. Herein the aftermath of the Great War ruptures society again when a soldier facing death in the trenches makes a dark bargain to save his life.'

  • Clare Rhoden on the horror novella 'Rats Alley' in 'From The Waste Land' - Oct 2022