Jeff Clulow

Tales of Mystery, Magic and Myth

Persephone is a hooker. Hades is a pimp. The goddess Freya is a shopaholic party girl and Thanatos, the Angel of Death, walks the earth as a mild-mannered accountant. These are the myths you love as you've never experienced them before. Fourteen otherworldly tales of carnage and cruelty, heroism and sacrifice. Subscribe using the button below and I'll send you download links for a new Remixed Myth every month in audiobook and ebook. I'll also send news of forthcoming titles and special offers. Your email stays with me and you can unsubscribe at any time. Check my privacy policy here.

CAUTION: Remixed Myths contain horror, gore, coarse language and adult themes. Not suitable for minors under 16.

Remixed Myths, including audio, cover design, and all content are AI-free.

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Remixed Myths - The Stories

A mother's love never dies. A woman refuses to pass on until she is sure her infant son will live. From Slavic mythology.

A darkly comic tale. Three elderly seamstresses decide upon the fates of those in their community. From Greek mythology.

A misogynist and peeping tom earns his comeuppance at the hands of three strange girls in the woods. From Greek mythology.

A tragic story of love and devotion clothed in the skin of a wolf. From Welsh mythology.

A sinister figure reveals a dark omen for a present-day couple. From Celtic mythology.

An Australian lumberjack pays for harming a sacred tree. From Greek mythology.

A shopaholic party-girl is compelled to pay a strange price for an unusual item of jewellery. From Scandinavian mythology.

When loneliness haunts an ageing artist’s mind, it's hard to know what is real, and what, or who, is not. From Greek mythology.

A prostitute, a pimp, and a sadistic standover man are the players in one of the most famous myths of all. From Greek mythology.

A mysterious tattoo exerts an evil influence over its owner. From Japanese mythology.

A Scottish piper plays for an unknown company of soldiers and learns their strange

identity. From Japanese mythology.

A brilliant surgeon invents a life-saving procedure and is questioned by a mysterious accountant. From Greek mythology.

A frontman in a rock band falls for a bewitching young woman of unnatural charm. From Cornish mythology.

A young woman trapped in a vast superstore can only escape by facing the monster inside her. From Greek mythology.

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