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Tales of Mystery, Magic and Myth


From the Waste Land

PS Publishing (UK)

One hundred years ago, T.S.Eliot's poem, The Waste Land was first published. Written in the wake of a devastating world war and an influenza pandemic, its message feels uncomfortably prescient.

To mark the centenary of this modernist masterwork, nineteen writers take inspiration from its verses and explore what a wasteland means to them. A wasteland is in your heart or in your mind. It’s in your relationship, your family, your neighbourhood, your country. Wastelands thrive in palaces and parliaments, on continents and in oceans.

In this anthology compiled and edited by Clare E. Rhoden, decorated writers and new voices speak in ghost tales, horror, dystopia and science fiction. How each character faces the barren darkness makes each story chant.

Includes 'Rats' Alley' by Jeff Clulow.

'Rats' Alley' by Jeff Clulow - a tale of lost love, passion and deep down bargaining with the dark which will carry a high price. A powerful, strange, compelling tale.

Matt Cavanagh - Reviewer, Runalong The Shelves.

Hardback and paperback available from PS Publishing.


Fantasy On Four Feet

Black Ink Fiction

Animals are our totems, our guardians and our gods. We've always wanted to be just like them. Who wouldn't love to shapeshift into a panther, a wolf, or falcon - and feel their power? This book can help you do just that. Nine writers pull on the pelts and skins of our animal companions to create stories of the animal kingdom, told from the animals' point of view.

'The Hare Bride' by Jeff Clulow goes to the heart of undying love as it unfolds the story of Billy and Cloudfoot, pulling us into the tragedy and yearning of the witch-hare legend.

Clare E. Rhoden - Author and Editor.

Clulow's writing is warm and lyrical, reminiscent of Aesop's Fables.

Belinda McDonald - Aurealis Magazine.

Paperback and Ebook available at Amazon.


Midnight Echo 16

The Annual Magazine of

the Australasian Horror Writers Association

‘For this issue of Midnight Echo, we called out to the horror writing community of Australasia and asked them to send us the full spectrum of what horror can be. They answered that call in spades.

‘This magazine is the very best of those stories. You will be entertained.' Tim Hawken - Editor

Includes ‘Alma Mater Benedictus Est’ by Jeff Clulow.

Paperback and Ebook available at Amazon.


New Tales of Old - Volume One Reprint

Black Ink Fiction

It's back due to popular demand. The first anthology in this legendary series, originally published by Raven and Drake.

An abundance of writers take their favourite tales of old and put their own unique twist on them.

So join us for a trip down the rabbit hole, on an adventure past the second star to the right and past that troll bridge—the one with the monster living underneath.

Includes ‘The Singer Not the Song’ by Jeff Clulow.

Paperback and Ebook available at Amazon.


New Tales of Old - Volume Two

Black Ink Fiction

They have run through our nightmares and mythology since the dawn of time.

In this anthology, a cast of international writers takes the wolf-stories we all know and love, then turns them into something new.

Here, you’ll recognise new versions of Little Red Riding Hood, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Three Little Pigs. The stories are the same, yet, like the werewolves of legend, they have changed, shapeshifted into a new and stranger form.

Includes ‘The Storytellers’ by Jeff Clulow.

Paperback and Ebook available at Amazon.

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